Grand Hydraulic (M) Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia with a clear vision of exclusively serving the general industrial, construction mobile, power generation and oil & gas application. Our clients range from individuals, small businesses to large companies engaged in a wide spectrum of hydraulic and systems application.

Hydraulic power unit, system and components.
Hydraulic spare parts for piston pump, motor and cylinders.
Hydraulic training unit and didactic tools.
Hydraulic special machinery such test benches for special application
Hydraulic oil flushing, purification and filtering unit.
Hydraulic contamination monitoring and particle counter.
Hydraulic hoses, pipes and fittings.
Hydraulic trouble shooting  for emergency fault founding.
Hydraulic systems general servicing and maintenance.
Hydraulic systems contract servicing.
Hydraulic components service, repair and performance test.
Hydraulic Pipelines installation, flushing and pressure test (hydraulic & pneumatic).
Hydraulic system up‐grade and commissioning services.
Hydraulic oil filtering services and contamination analysis.
Hydraulic systems audit and advise services.
Hydraulic power unit & systems for standard and custom-made.
Hydraulic test bench for hydraulic pumps, actuators and valves.
Hydraulic cylinders for standard & custom made.
Hydraulic training unit for technical collage, university and training center.
Hydraulic didactic cut‐view components for technical collage, university and training center.
Hydraulic custom made didactic components and training unit.

Hydraulic training of basic, intermediate and advance level.
Hydraulic training of practical hand on training programme.
Hydraulic training of proportional valves technology.
Hydraulic customize training according to customer requirement.
Our experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, and ongoing commitment to improvement result
in services components of the highest quality to developing long‐term partnerships.

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